Monday, March 12, 2012

Training Wheels, or the Lack Thereof

So yesterday I decided to go out on a limb and take off Riley's training wheels. If we're being honest, it was as much because they weren't functioning very well as it was that I wanted to challenge her. Here's her first trip out sans training wheels yesterday -- needless to say, we were pretty impressed.

Impressed...until today, when she blew us out of the water! Here's how she started the day:

And here's how she ended up. In total, she spent *maybe* 10 minutes on her bike yesterday, and another 10 minutes on her bike today, before she could do this.

I thought I'd mention that I credit her speedy learning to the Skuut we got her as a toddler. Here's a video of her on her Skuut

Old Skuutin' Video

and here she is on the same bike just hours before her first attempt on her bicycle with no training wheels.

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